Grocery Delivery Fees:

Less than 12 products
$ 24.00
12-24 products
$ 32.00
25-36 products
$ 40.00
37-48 products
$ 50.00
49-60 products
$ 62.00
61-72 products
$ 75.00
73-90 products
$ 85.00
More than 90 products
$ 95.00
Credit Card Processing Fee*:
$ 1.75

*Note: Even though it can cost several dollars to process your credit card via Paypal, your driver will simply charge you $1.75 flat transaction fee for each credit card payment transaction.

Several packages of the same koolaid flavor count as just 1 product. What exactly is 1 product? Please check our FAQ to the right!

Your grocery shopper can offer grocery delivery from pretty much ANY store. You pay a delivery fee (above) plus the ACTUAL COST of the grocery store receipt from the store you choose. Your driver will bring you a copy of the store receipt upon delivery.

For simple shopping orders your shopper can even go to non-grocery stores too! Here are a few of the infinite possibilities...

How-To Become a Mystery Shopper!

Grocery Delivery from ANY Store !!

We can connect you with local grocery delivery specialists who can deliver groceries from ANY store you choose to your front door. To find out if service is available in your area, enter your 5 digit zip code in the box below:

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 Q: How do I pay for my grocery shopping order?
 A: You pay your driver directly using CASH or CREDIT CARD to their PAYPAL account. Grocery Delivery payments are required UPON DELIVERY.

 Q: How long does it take to get my delivery?
 A: Grocery Delivery Orders can usually be delivered by the following day, sometimes even sooner! You will get your shopper's phone number when you complete your order, so call them right away if you're in a rush!

 Q: Can I return products?
 A: You can refuse incorrect products UPON DELIVERY, however once your shopper leaves there are NO REFUNDS, so be sure to check your order carefully upon delivery.

 Q: What exactly is 1 product?
 A: Generally 1 product means just that - however if you order a bunch of 7 bananas, or 3 small avocados, it is still counted as 1 product. Similarly duplicates of very small items like 2 cans of chicken noodle soup or 10 packages of cherry koolaid count as 1 product. For the purpose of heavy beverages and bulky items each product is always counted separately. Ultimately it is up to your driver to determine what counts as 1 product, but within these guidelines. The questions are firstly did it take additional time to locate and secondly did it take additional time and effort to lift and load because it was heavy or bulky? If the answer to either question is YES then it counts as a separate product.

 Q: May I request reusable bags, paper, or plastic?
Yes - absolutely! There is no guarantee but the shopper will do his/her best to meet your requests. Just mention this special request, or any other special requests, by typing it into your grocery list when you place your order.